'It creates a refreshing, inspiring and thought provoking environment for students and teachers to have the opportunity to take time out and reflect on the important things in life that can get easily missed during the  busyness of everyday. I loved it, every school would benefit from this creative space.'Visitor (England)

Year 6 Transition Space 2020

We’ve been working with our friends at BSC (Bristol Schools Connections) to produce a series of reflective activities to help Year 6 children process their transition from Primary to Secondary school, with current social distancing measures in mind.

The activities require limited resources – the kinds of things that children will have on their desks - and some of them have two versions, one of which can only be done outside. These activities could also be used by Year 6 pupils who have chosen to stay at home this term. Versions of these activities, and many others like them, can be found in our Prayer Spaces at Home library 

Each activity invites the children to reflect and/or pray, whether by writing or drawing something, or simply by thinking. It’s important that the children know that none of their responses will be assessed or judged, but that this is a time and space for their own thoughts.

We hope these activities will help the children process some of the changes they’re going through.

The following PDFs and Powerpoint are offered for free. We’d love to hear how your Transition Spaces go, so please send any photos and feedback to info@prayerspacesinschools.com.

Year 6 Transition Space 2020, Instructions - Download

Year 6 Transition Space 2020, Presentation (PowerPoint) - Download

Year 6 Transition Space Email to School - Download

(You'll notice that the Email to School mentions an introduction video from the local church, which you can film yourselves. Here's an example.)

Year 6 Transition Space 2020, Feedback Form - Download