'I’m always surprised and thrilled by how honest and open children’s prayers are. They worry about things that we worry about.'Felicity Tunnard (England)



Phil Togwell lives on the North-East coast of England with his family (one wife, three daughters, two dogs). Phil trained and worked in a wide range of Youth & Community settings before serving as 24-7 Prayer's UK director for 7 years. He now leads the Prayer Spaces in Schools teams and the Diocese of Durham's Prayer Project. @philtogwell

Tandia Hughes is a qualified Youth Worker based in Redhill. Tandia has experience in both Church and Schools Youth Work. She competed in National level Sports Acrobatics (gymnastics) and has great admiration for the outdoors. Tandia runs the operations and communications for Prayer Spaces in Schools. @tandiahughes

Tim Abbott leads CYO, a youth and schools ministry, which (among other things) runs Sanctum prayer spaces in the Colchester area. He is married, has two sons, and plays bass. Tim has organised three town-wide 24-7 prayer rooms, one in a shop. He likes starting new things. @tim_abbott


Catherine Clayton lives and works in Oxford. She spent six years working as a primary school teacher, RE Coordinator and the curriculum leader for her school. She enjoys skiing and swimming. Catherine leads Be Space, which equips people in Oxfordshire to develop prayer spaces in all kinds of places. @catclayton

Liz Ogborne was an RE Advisory Teacher before heading up Redland Education Centre in Bristol for 8 years providing RE lessons, RE trails and prayer spaces for local schools. She is now part of Bristol Schools Connection- a charity seeking to equip churches to serve the spiritual life of schools. Liz is married to Jon with 2 teenage children. She loves cycling and dancing to funky music.


Debbie Meehan lives in Ayr with her husband, Steve, and they have three grown-up sons. She is a secondary-school Maths teacher (the best subject) and she leads the Prayer Spaces in Schools Scotland team. Debbie loves laughing, blethering with friends over coffee and avoiding housework.


Crystal Cryer is an American-trying-to-become-Scottish missionary living in Edinburgh. She is part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools Scotland team, is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland and is also part of the Central Church family. Crystal loves hospitality, cooking, history of Celtic Christianity, all things Nature, conversations over coffee (or a glass of wine), reading and all things creative. @crystal_pray247



Emma Thompson is married to Peter and lives in Belfast with their three hens, Jennifer, Delores and Isobel. She works with 24-7 Prayer Ireland, co-ordinating Prayer Spaces in Schools in Ireland, and she also does a bunch of youthwork. Emma drinks lots of coffee. @missemmabriony



Jana Nimmo lives in Marburg with her husband Jonny, and their one-year-old son, Paul. She works for Schüler SMD, and co-ordinates prayer spaces in Germany one day-a-week. "I believe PrayerSpaces is something that we really need in our German schools". You can contact Jana directly via email.