'It creates a refreshing, inspiring and thought provoking environment for students and teachers to have the opportunity to take time out and reflect on the important things in life that can get easily missed during the  busyness of everyday. I loved it, every school would benefit from this creative space.'Visitor (England)


'The room started to buzz with activity.'

Anna tells us the story of their prayer space at Orsett Primary. 

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Chaplaincy in Schools, The 24-7 Prayer Stanford Story (Part 2)

“Becoming school chaplains grew out of the relationship we had built with the school through prayer spaces.” Scott Riddle continues the 24-7 Prayer Stanford story.

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Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conferences, 2017

Join us in London and York this September to celebrate 10 years of prayer spaces in schools, plus workshops, new resources, networking, and the first presentation of our research findings.

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The First Prayer Space in the Peruvian Andes

“Greetings from Curahuasi in the Peruvian Andes,” writes Sophia Oester, “we've just had the first prayer space in our school!”

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‘Cooperation with each other helps us to be the best we can be.’

Hollie has just run her second prayer space with the Star Gazers team at Wadhurst Primary School. Here’s their Co-Operation prayer space story.

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