"The Prayer Space enables students to learn from RE, rather than just to learn about RE. The different ways for students to engage with prayer, whilst in the Prayer Space, enables all young people to have a fresh understanding of what prayer means, rather than seeing it just in a traditionally dry way."Mr Perry (Head teacher, Romford)


Welcome to the Team, Tandia Reeves!

Having joined us a few months ago, we thought it was about time to formally introduce our newest team member. So here she is - the Amazing Tandia Reeves. 

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Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conference, LEEDS

In 8 days time, lots of people will be travelling to the wonderful city of Leeds. Some for a rugby match. And some for this year's Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conference! 

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5 New Videos About The Impact of Prayer Spaces in Schools

Prayer spaces often have a significant, and a lasting impact upon a whole school community. We asked five people to tell us their experiences.

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Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conference 2015

Bookings for this year's Day Conference have already passed last year's total number of participants... but we've got more space this year. It's not too late to book in.

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A Prayer Space for the Rugby World Cup 2015

This autumn, the Rugby World Cup is coming to England and Wales. We've teamed up with Engage2015 to produce a series of prayer activities.

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