"An educational community is enriched when individual differences are respected and welcomed... and I think that prayer spaces are an important contribution to that within the life of a school."Rach Warwick (Make Lunch, Youthscape)


Prayer Spaces in the UK, 2015

During 2015, there were prayer spaces in schools in almost every county in England, and also in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Austria, and more...

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Looking Back, 5 Good Things About 2015

It's always difficult to select favourite moments from any year when there have been so many good moments, but here are our '5 Good Things About 2015'.

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Reasons to Register ... 1,2,3

Why do we ask you to register? Well here's three good reasons why we think you should register your Prayer Space with us. 

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A Few New Christmas Prayer Activity Ideas

Jane Whittington is a Schools Officer with the Diocese of Guildford, and an early pioneer of prayer spaces. Here are a few of her ideas for Christmas prayer activities.

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Welcome to the Team, Tandia Reeves!

Having joined us a few months ago, we thought it was about time to formally introduce our newest team member. So here she is - the Amazing Tandia Reeves. 

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