"For once in my life, I feel peace."Student (Year 9)

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Prayer Spaces on YouTube and TikTok

Jonathan Kear from The Bizz (and a Prayer Spaces in Schools networker) describes how the pandemic helped him get creative with prayer spaces on YouTube and now, TikTok. 

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Chelsea Academy's Prayer Space in a Bag

Joanna Jones, Tim Richards and their team ran a Covid-safe 'Prayer Space in a Bag' near the end of 2020. Find out how they creatively ran a prayer space despite Covid restrictions.

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God's table is infinitely wide

Jess Monopoli tells us how she ran a successful 6 week prayer space for nearly 180 pupils during Covid-19.

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It helped me let go of the pressure I was holding in.

Leonie and Chiara from PAIS Wigan tell us about the prayer space they ran in October 2020, with feedback from pupils.

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Staff Inset Day Resource Pack

This pack offers suggestions that schools could use to create an opportunity for processing what has happened in the last year, and hopes and fears for the future.

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