“The children loved having the prayer space in school. Every child I spoke to was positive and said how calm and relaxed the room made them feel. The children felt like it was a safe place, and spoke about a peace that being inside the prayer spaces gave them. One child said it made them feel confident that they could bring anything to God, and another said how it helped them to remember that they could pray in any way, anywhere.”Jake Bateson (Head of RE, Birmingham)

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"Makes me feel really relaxed great before exams"

Deborah Jackson and her team recently ran their second prayer space at Hurst College, this time during an intensely busy exam fortnight. They called it a Still Space.

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Prayer Space Helps Grieving Students in the Scottish Highlands

Gillian Orr is part of the Chaplaincy Team at Kingussie High School in Inverness-shire. She’s run a couple of prayer spaces, but the latest one was particularly special.

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“A few plastic chairs and a lot of imagination.” The First Prayer Space in the Congo

Lisa moved from her home-country, Switzerland, to Kinshasa the capital of Congo in October 2015, where in March she hosted the first prayer space in a school.

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Standing in the Gaps - Praying on behalf of others

“It’s been my privilege to help run prayer spaces in a number of schools in my area, and to witness, even join in with, many acts of prayer by students and staff.”

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What happens to prayers once the space is over?

Ever wondered what to do with students prayers once your prayer space has finished. We've got a couple of ideas. 

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