"Even the lives of our young people get pressured and squeezed. Soul Space does something remarkable: it claims that space and offers a place to breathe some healthy spiritual air. The responses from young people demonstrate what can happen when we allow a little bit of God space into crowded lives. It's a precious gift!"Revd. Simon Ward (Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Norwich)

Staff Inset Day Resource Pack


Diocese of Guildford Schools Officer, Jane Whittington, writes, “School inset days are loved and loathed in equal measure. Well, perhaps  that should read ‘are tolerated and endured in equal measure’?  

When in-service training goes well, it enthuses staff with a sense of vision and common purpose.  However, staff have behemoth to-do lists; so, when an inset day seems irrelevant, the thumb-twiddling, watch-checking desperation to get on with some ‘real work’ begins to set in, and the time feels as though it is wasted. 

At the start of this academic year, in particular, although there are many practical details to organise (think year-group bubbles, social distancing and all the hand sanitiser you could imagine), the well-being of the staff team is vital. Returning to work in this ‘new normal’, can feel strange and sometimes a little daunting. It is important to ensure teachers and school staff feel supported and well equipped to handle the emotions that come with returning to school during a pandemic.

In response to the new needs voiced by teachers, two of our Prayer Spaces in Schools networkers, Rebecca Richardson from Huyton Deanery and Jane Whittington from Guildford Diocese, have come up with a staff inset day resource pack for the coming term. This pack offers a menu of suggestions that schools could use to create an opportunity for processing what has happened in the last school year and to reflect on hopes and fears for the future."  

Download the document here.


Posted on 27th August 2020

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