'Children need more opportunities like this to get out what’s going on for them on the in-side. It’s very healthy for them to have time when they are not doing or watching something on a screen.'Staff (England)

"I had time to talk to God just me and him"

This summer we ran our first prayer space in two schools. The prayer space was hosted in our local church and the pupils attended in their classes. Each Class came in for 1 hour over two days to experience prayer space.

The prayer activities where set out around the Church; our theme was Easter, there were prayer activities on Palm Sunday, the resurrection, the crucifixion and the garden of Gethsemane.

Each activity had a card with the part of the Easter Story for each volunteer to read, questions about the story and how Jesus felt and how they may have felt, then an interactive prayer opportunity for them.

Some of the feedback from the young people included;
"I had time to talk to God just me and him",
"I can talk to God by planting something and I can go home and pray in my garden"  
"I enjoyed everything because we where thinking about Jesus and how much he loves us"!
"I have learnt a lot about myself and different ways I can pray"
"I have loved this and want to do it all over again"
"I have been able to think about people who are special to me and learn more about the Easter Story"
"I have learnt a lot about myself"
"Hopes and dreams to become a Vicar"
"I can pray anywhere and especially in my garden".

The Staff really loved this opportunity for their children and asked for more of this again. One of the staff said "It brought the Church to life through the opportunity of prayer". Both Schools have asked  to look at helping the children create their own prayer spaces based on there Christian Values each term.

I absolutely loved having both schools and they both worked really well. One of the learning points was that one school was very big making it hard to fit everyone in to the timescale as the children where really enjoying it and wanted to ask more questions. 

We had a brilliant time and we look forward to doing it again soon. 

Rebecca Richardson, Prayer Space Host


Posted on 8th November 2019

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