"Visiting Parc Eglos school was a privilege in itself so it was a very pleasant surprise to observe a group of pupils actively engaged in learning about prayer and faith. Schools are busy places and do not always lend themselves to times of quiet. The Prayer Space is clearly a place where children can take time to learn about themselves, each other and the role faith plays in modern life."Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives (Cornwall)

"I'm sooo excited, I'm sooo excited..."

Yes, we completed our 5th Prayer Space just before the Easter Break. As always, it was such a special place and a blessing to those that came. 

A few special moments that I witnessed / heard about:

  • Each year one of the teachers makes a slide show of the space once we finish setting up. This is so that the students (and teachers) can see the space and know what to do at each of the stations before they go. I teach Y6 and showed it to my class a few minutes before we went - they actually clapped after, they were so appreciative and happy and excited to be going to the Prayer Space!
  • Another day I was waiting at the door as a Kindergarten class was very slowly making their way in. One little girl at the back of the line, had her fists clenched, held up to her mouth, eyes peering over them wide open, literally shaking with excitement and repeating: "I'm sooo excited, I'm sooo excited..."
  • Our school is owned and operated by the United Church (Presbyterian, Congregational, Disciples of Christ) and so our ministers usually come as 'Co-facilitators' alongside the teachers. One minister who lives about 45 mins away from the school, had no transportation to get there. However, she still managed to get a ride part of the way and walked the rest of the way. When she was leaving, she mentioned to the office staff that she thinks she got more out of it than the children did.
  • Many of our staff members visit the space every day before or after school and comment on what a blessed, peaceful and uplifting place it is. Our tough-as-nails-miserable-as-anything maintenance guy came to tell me that he could 'feel God's presence every time he went in there'. 
  • One of our teachers who attends the Baptist church, invited her pastor and youth minister to visit the space. She got some of our students that also attend that church to show them around. The kids were so excited they could barely sleep the night before. The pastor and youth minister were so moved and blessed that they came back the next day with their spouses and another member of staff.

Perhaps for me, most special of all (especially since the large majority of our students come from homes that never, ever go to church), is the large number of students that bring their parents to visit the space before or after school. Some families I see there several times during the week. It always moves me to watch them interacting with each other and with the space. 

Here is a link to a video we put together at the end of the two weeks . We went with a 'Space' theme this year. The music playing was our theme song that the whole school learned and sang together at several assemblies during the week, and our theme verse was Psalm 19:1. 

The work that you all do at Prayer Spaces is such a special ministry and so many lives have been touched, blessed and made different. Thank you! 

Bertranne Abrams - Menko, Teacher


Posted on 6th August 2019

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