"Prayer Spaces in Schools is one of the most exciting developments in Christian schools work in the last decade."Amy Stock (Director of

We need your help.

More than a million children and young people, of all faiths and none, have already participated in a temporary prayer space in their school… but it still feels like this is just the beginning.

Every year there are more prayer spaces than in the one before, and in more nations too. The last time we checked, there had been prayer spaces in schools in 30 nations… and that was before France joined the list a couple of weeks ago.

These numbers are encouraging, of course, but it’s the stories of the impact that these prayer spaces are having on the lives of the children and young people that really matters. If you’ve ever led or helped with a prayer space in a school, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t (yet), here are a few recent examples of pupil’s feedback:

  • “I loved this experience, it really taught me more about myself and about others.”
  • “It made me feel very relaxed and release anger and stress that I have inside.”
  • “I have liked being in here, as I can be honest and tell my truth.
  • I have had time to be myself and face up to what I have done.”
  • “It helped my friends ask God into their lives, as well as hearing God talk to me.”

Now, imagine a million comments like these.

Whether you’ve led or helped with a prayer space or not, would you please consider joining with us by becoming a Regular Supporter. Help us to equip, support and train local Christians to run prayer spaces for the next million children and young people. Help us to give every child a space to pray.

You can become a Regular Supporter by visiting our Donate page. 


Posted on 13th September 2019

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