'It gave us a window into the heartbeat of our students.'Adam Wood, Chaplain (Australia)

"I was surprised by the crowd waiting behind the door"

In March Christine set up her first prayer space in France after a year of praying and conversations, here's her story.

"During the 1st week of the prayer space the director of the school asked that all the children (about 190 childrens) discover the prayer space.

I explained to them the concept and all wanted to test the planned activities. All enjoyed, were surprised and delighted with what had been put in place for them!

The second week based on free coming, it was open during lunch time, break and after class in late afternoon. I was surprised by the crowd waiting behind the door  the first day  and scrambling to be the first to enter !!

So I had to make a schedule for each class to facilitate management and flow.

Every day during lunch time  between 40 and 60 children came. During the time of the evening  between 20 and 30 children came.

The children's comments are that they found this place relaxing, calm, peaceful, they were able to express themselves freely without shame and judgment, they were able to take the time to reflect on them, others, the world and God. This project has really met needs!

What they liked most are the activities like:

"Leave your worries behind" some students express deep things that worried them about school work, the relationship with others or what is happening at home.

"Forgive" and "excuse me" in view of the number of stones in the basket, many needed to ask forgiveness and forgive the other !!

Here are some words collected from students in response to the question: "What do you think of the prayer space"?

"I found it good for me, a moment of tenderness". (11 years old)

"It's calm, we have the feeling of being listened to" (10 years old)

"This place calms me down, especially when I get upset after the teachers." (9 years old)

"It's a moment of relaxation, you can write everything you have in your head." (10 years old)

"It's good to hear what others think about me, we do not have the opportunity to hear and say it." (11 years old)

"It's good to be able to leave your worries." (7years old)

"Here it's calm, it's good, because in class and at recess there is always noise". (8 years old)

A parent told me that his daughter had explained to him "the prayer space" by describing the place as a place to pause and reflect on herself, on others, on God.

I am delighted to see that the children have understood the concept, it is a great satisfaction !! It was so successful that many students ask when will it work again?

The director was really pleased and asked me to do it again in May !!!

Christine Passeron, assistaint Teacher


Posted on 3rd May 2019

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