"Both prayer spaces and chaplaincy are addressing a real need among children, young people and teachers for ways to engage effectively with the spiritual aspects of life."Tim Abbott (Director, CYO Colchester)

Saying goodbye to Debbie Meehan. 

Saying goodbye is never easy especially to someone who’s been part of 24-7 Prayer and Prayer Spaces in Schools for the last 9 years, but today we are saying goodbye to the brilliant Debbie Meehan. Debbie has been part of the prayer spaces journey since the early days. Debbie has pioneered prayer spaces across Scotland seeing nearly 200 take place in the last 9 years! She’s run training, supported locals and grown a team of networkers continuing her great work. 

Debbie writes - 
“It’s been such a privilege and a joy to have been part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools journey over the last 9 years. To have witnessed first hand the incredible growth and spread throughout nations of the (fairly simple) concept of giving children and young people the opportunity to explore prayer, and to see them respond to it, has been wonderful. 
I am sure that God will continue to bless Prayer Spaces in Schools, as they continue to bless others. As one of the National team said at our recent retreat in January- “It’s a rare and wonderful thing to work with people who are all really good friends. I’ll miss them all

It’s been a real pleasure and honour to work alongside Debbie over the years and she will be missed by our team. We will not have anyone replace Debbie just yet as we are discerning for the right person, but don’t panic Debbie has raised up brilliant networkers who will still be available to help you with your prayer space needs. 

So that just leaves us to say a huge Thank you and Goodbye to the brilliant Debbie Meehan! 


Posted on 15th March 2019

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