"The Prayer Space enables students to learn from RE, rather than just to learn about RE. The different ways for students to engage with prayer, whilst in the Prayer Space, enables all young people to have a fresh understanding of what prayer means, rather than seeing it just in a traditionally dry way."Mr Perry (Head teacher, Romford)

"I think I heard God speaking to me.”

PACE in Guernsey regularly run prayer spaces, here's one of their recent write ups.

We call our prayer spaces, “Reflective Spaces” as reflection is one of the schools key words. But we still gave the option of praying and the option to talk about God at each activity, a number of the pupils wanted to talk about God. 

Since running our prayer space a couple of weeks ago the school have put the thumbprints and thankful ribbons on display in the school.

Here are some quotes we managed to capture during our prayer space week. 

After being told about how God always forgives us:

  • That’s really nice of him!”
  • “I’m thankful for my mum although she’s not very well.”
  • I liked the lilies, it made you think about your feelings and helped me not to be worried!”
  • “It was really satisfying to wipe away our worry.”
  • “I really like the Quiet Area because I don’t normally have a space to talk to God, so it was nice to talk to him.”
  • “I think I heard God speaking to me.”

During the introduction for a session, a boy put his hand up and said “I’m not religious” I replied, saying that that was totally fine, we were there to teach them about what Christians believe but you can use the time to reflect too.

At the end of the half hour when I gathered the children back together and asked which station was their favourite, the same boy, put his hand up and said he enjoyed the quiet area because he was able to "pray to God”. 

During another session, a boy asked me if God speaks back to us when we pray. I explained that yes, he does, we might not always hear him, he can answer in lots of ways but sometimes he will talk to us. I left the group in the quiet area for a few minutes and when they came out, the boy said, to no one in particular really just out loud, “I think I heard God talking to me”.

Sarah Snell, Schools Worker 


Posted on 22nd March 2019

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