'I was profoundly moved by the responses of some of the students to the opportunity to reflect on their lives in a quiet and safe place. It is evident that some of these young people are struggling to make sense of their lives and the challenges they face. In this noisy world of constant media stimulation there is a great need to give young people the space and time to be quiet and still and to reflect.'Volunteer (England)

They play a significant part in developing our Christian ethos.

The set up for our prayer space is quite unusual as the little church I minister at is attached to the school.  There is a link hall way which attaches the church and the school.  In this area I have developed a prayer space. We’ve been able to create this prayer space as and addition to the class worship I lead weekly for 90 of the school pupils. We have an interactive prayer activity during these sessions and the prayers are displayed in the prayer space.

The prayer space in the corridor is constantly changing. The prayer activities we do in class worship are linked to the Bible and the schools Christian values. Recently we had 300 butterfly prayer attached to the cross in the prayer space, as the weeks pass and we change prayer activity so do the prayers on the cross. The butterflies moved to the display board to spell the word ‘LOVE’, they were replaced with heart shaped prayers. More and more heart prayers fill the cross as the weeks go by until we change the activity. It works in a cycle – the next will be rainbows.

This prayer space is a permanent space that I hope will continue to exist as long as I have the privilege of leading Class Worship. St Marks Primary has an intake of 600 children and every child has had the opportunity to interact with the prayer space since it opened in June. We change the prayer activity depending on the age of the pupils. The younger pupils have been doing the butterflies and hearts while the older pupils write their prayers on a post it note and stick it on the Sticky Note Prayer Wall, we also have a Prayer Tree for anyone who passes the prayer space to interact with, giving pupils plenty of opportunities to engage. Our permanent prayer space has worked very successfully and is helped by our continued engagement and support of the school.

Charles – Head Teacher writes: 'Kay Mason's class worships and prayer activities are a fabulous part of our school life. The children engage in the creative and appropriate prayer space activities which help them to understand and experience church and spirituality. The worship times allow a time for peaceful reflection in the hubbub of a busy school day. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of these worships, to read the prayers that children have shared, and to see the creative responses from them. We feel they play a significant part in developing our Christian ethos. Thanks, Charles.'

Kay Mason, Minister


Posted on 29th November 2018

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