'I was profoundly moved by the responses of some of the students to the opportunity to reflect on their lives in a quiet and safe place. It is evident that some of these young people are struggling to make sense of their lives and the challenges they face. In this noisy world of constant media stimulation there is a great need to give young people the space and time to be quiet and still and to reflect.'Volunteer (England)

This space doesn’t just happen without an amazing number of creative hours.

The Ullswater Community College whole school prayer space happened in the first two weeks in November.

Paul heads up the chaplaincy team and leads weekly spiritual input into UCC as his regular job. But for a fortnight in November every year Paul squeezes in the rest of his commitments whilst managing a team of volunteers and a whole two weeks of hosting a dedicated prayer space with the staff and entire student body of Ullswater Community College. This space doesn’t just happen without an amazing number of creative hours of planning, listening to staff, gathering resources and prayer!

The prayer space is greatly appreciated and valued by staff and students alike. Lessons offer each student the opportunity to experience the whole space & spend quiet time in reflection at some of the twelve specifically designed stations, exploring issues such as forgiveness, world hunger, self-worth, identity, along with a space to ask the big questions in life or just take some time to be still. The prayer space is also open each break & lunchtime for any student wishing to return, often up to thirty students have been choosing to gather here in their free time.

During the couple of sessions I was privileged to volunteer in, I witnessed some precious, profound moments and honest glimpses of hope amidst struggles. I’m always amazed by the way a prayer space in school engages students and staff willing to risk having a go.

Sarah Hulme, Youth, Children & Family Evangelism Enabler Carlisle Diocese


Posted on 7th February 2019

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