"Even the lives of our young people get pressured and squeezed. Soul Space does something remarkable: it claims that space and offers a place to breathe some healthy spiritual air. The responses from young people demonstrate what can happen when we allow a little bit of God space into crowded lives. It's a precious gift!"Revd. Simon Ward (Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Norwich)

“Why do People Bother to Be Mean?”

This prayer, ‘Why do people bother to be mean?’ was written by a primary school student in Australia. St Johns Anglican School have hosted annual prayer spaces for the last 4 years,to providing students with a quiet time to reflect, be mindful, to open a door to allow the students to experience spiritual moments and personal encounters with God.

The Chapel is transformed into a space of prayer activities that enable classes to wander and make their own choices about how they will respond to each prayer activity. Prayer spaces are becoming an increasingly common part of the school life in Anglican Schools across Australia, probably thanks to the passion, dedication and commitment of our tireless school Chaplains and religious educators.

So what do our students write in these prayer spaces, where they feel safe and listened to?

  • “Let go of grudges.”
  • “For people not to put people down.”
  • “For people to understand when someone is feeling bad or can’t solve something.”
  • “Believe in yourself even when the world seems against you.”
  •  “Let kids have more time to have their prayers each day.

It is exciting to witness the positive impact prayer spaces have on school communities. The students are engaged and their participation seems to have transformational results. Prayer spaces open hearts to love, hope, compassion, forgiveness and trust.

Prayer spaces are a powerful way to foster meaningful connections between church and school. If prayers of our students are anything to go by, it is certainly worth considering.


Posted on 20th November 2018

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