"It was an amazing morning. I have to say I've never seen anything like that. It absolutely blew me away - absolutely incredible. I kept thinking 'I wish I'd thought of that', I wish I'd thought of that, I wish I'd thought of that!"Richard Atkins (BBC reporter, Gloucester)

Prayer Spaces in Schools: European Round Table

Best days ever in Guildford!

The long awaited first Prayer Spaces in Schools European leaders ‘Round Table’ happened during the 2nd week of July 2018, was exceptional! Name it and it’s there; great Prayer Spaces In Schools leaders, amazing people in the 24-7 prayer international office, beautiful town, lovely weather, tasty food and mouth-watering mini chocolate rolls (my favourite).

Fr Reuben, myself and other Prayer Spaces In Schools European leaders from Austria and Germany met at Heathrow airport in the morning and travelled together to Guildford by train where we found Phil, Liz and Emma eagerly waiting for us. We grabbed some lunch and walked down to our ‘round table’ meeting place where we sat on the comfy sofa which was so much needed and appreciated after an early wake up call, flight and travel.

Every one of us shared how prayer spaces started in our countries and how they are developing. All stories and presentations were inspiring and the statistics were impressive. We made plans of how we can serve Jesus better and provide more space for the movement to grow.

What struck me most was the deepening of our friendships while sharing amazing inspirational stories and dreams. This was definitely an opportunity to learn from one another. We were surely blessed as we prayed together and for one another. I liked it when a picture in one’s mind was inspired and was beautifully interpreted in the light of God’s Word. I thank God for these special moments of prayer. May we continue to dream, plan, share and work for the benefit of children, young people and adults alike.

Silvana Cardona, Prayer Spaces in Schools Malta


Posted on 2nd August 2018

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