“I enjoyed it as I got to express my feelings and worries and I also got to pray which is something I wouldn’t normally do.”Student (England)

“I was sad because it was over”

A team of 9 volunteers helped with our third Soul Space. The library area is much easier to “transform” now, and we were greatly helped by exhibition boards being in place ready for us to set up, as well as help from school staff with planning and photocopying. This year we used, Calm Corner (Be Still), Transition Flags, Empty Plate, Dump the Junk, Life Line, Be the Light and Prayer Wall.

In previous years, the “calm corner” has been the favourite activity. This year was no exception. This is the only activity we have repeated year on year. The whole school enjoyed the quiet space, but Year 6 in particular appreciated it. Almost as popular was the rainbow coloured scratch cards in “be the light” and “lifeline”. The novelty had a “wow” factor which really captivated the students. It is clear that Soul Space had an impact on the students, most of them thought it was fun, and the feedback forms showed the vast majority happy or happier when they came out.

Our feedback forms asks for students favourite activity and what they enjoyed most about it. Some of the comments are:

  • “It made me think about my actions and feelings, and not be worried for secondary school”
  • “It helped me realise how much people do for me”
  • “What I like about it is that I didn’t feel like the life line wasn’t just for fun. I felt like it was for how you feel about other people, like if I saw someone who lived on the street (Age 8)”
  • I liked how we were not just thinking about ourselves we were thinking about other people (Age 8)”

The children used words like: amazing, awesome, fantastic, epic, super, incredible, fandabydosy, excellent, fabulous and the best thing in the whole world. One little girl got someone to write “I was sad because it was over”. We really appreciated the tremendous support and interest of the teaching and support staff. It was a joy to be in school.

Jane Hatton, prayer space leader. 


Posted on 14th September 2018

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