"Prayer spaces are creating a language which anybody at any age can use and that's why I think prayer spaces as a model is so compelling and so important."Tim Hastie-Smith (Director, Scripture Union)

“The children enjoyed sharing with their friends what they had prayed for."

We set up our prayer space as part of the Mission Fortnight that our school was celebrating. We used the outdoor classroom as our venue to make the prayer space accessible to all children throughout lunchtimes. The activities we used varied from floating prayers (hope blossoms), world prayers, community prayers - as part of the Mission Fortnight each class was raining money for a specific charity so we incorporated this into our prayer space and family prayers

It was lovely that the prayer space was so accessible and that children could come and go as they pleased. Having run several prayer spaces we felt this one was particularly successful in that each activity could be accessed by as many children as wanted at the same time, therefore avoiding long queues for an activity.

At the Floating Prayer activity, it was wonderful to watch children sit by the paddling pool concentrating on their paper opening up, saying a quiet prayer whilst surrounded by others who were watching and chatting about the different activities.

Throughout the time children were thoroughly engaged, sharing with their friends what they had prayed for and encouraging them to join in.

The prayer space was also used for the Staff prayer meeting and staff really appreciated the activities and how it was set up.

Gillian Watkins, prayer space leader


Posted on 23rd August 2018

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