“The children loved having the prayer space in school. Every child I spoke to was positive and said how calm and relaxed the room made them feel. The children felt like it was a safe place, and spoke about a peace that being inside the prayer spaces gave them. One child said it made them feel confident that they could bring anything to God, and another said how it helped them to remember that they could pray in any way, anywhere.”Jake Bateson (Head of RE, Birmingham)

“I feel so much better now, much more peaceful, it’s like the worry really has gone from inside me”

“Myself and a team from KingsGate Community Church embarked on running our first prayer space in the church hall adjacent to St. John’s C of E Primary School in Spalding. The team and I were confident that this was going to be a significant experience for the children that visited the space.

We had 180 children Year 3,4 &5 children visit the prayer space during the course of the day which we entitled, Me and My World. We created a sense of awe and wonder at the world around us by using heavens above, but also reflect on the things that happen in this world that we don’t understand, like terrorism, war and natural disasters, using the reflection ribbons.  

During Heavens Above, children were encouraged to lie down inside a black out tent and imagine the projected stars were the stars that we see at night. As a child was reading the phrase ‘Christians believe that God made all the stars and planets that we see in the sky, but he is most proud of making us’ the year 4 pupil then remarked; “Well if God’s most proud of making us, then we must mean the world to him because the stars are so beautiful

All of the pupils engaged well with the activities, and were particularly drawn to the aqua beads where they could let go of worries. One year 3 child playing with the beads said “I feel so much better now, much more peaceful, it’s like the worry really has gone from inside me”. WOW! How amazing is that, children being set free from worry and letting go of that anxiety that can easily build up inside.

Our team also has the chance to show the head teacher and one of the governors around the space and they’re keen for prayer spaces to be a regular part of their school’s calendar saying “This was an extremely well organised day that ticked lots of boxes. However the opportunities that it gave the children far outweighs the ticking of boxes and have given them tots to now build upon during RE and Collective Worship as well as personally”

The team and I are looking forward to developing more partnerships with the school and running another prayer space for the other year groups in the new year after the success of this first one.

Rachael Basson, Prayer space host


Posted on 25th June 2018

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