"The Prayer Space enables students to learn from RE, rather than just to learn about RE. The different ways for students to engage with prayer, whilst in the Prayer Space, enables all young people to have a fresh understanding of what prayer means, rather than seeing it just in a traditionally dry way."Mr Perry (Head teacher, Romford)

Prayer Spaces in the Diocese of Durham

2700 pupils from 76 primary schools (45 CofE, 1 Catholic and 30 community
schools) came to Durham Cathedral for their end-of-Year-6 Leaver’s Services last
week. The six services were spread over three days, and each group of 450+
pupils had an hour to explore five prayer activities, themed around gratitude,
guidance, community, remembering ‘wow’ moments and letting go of worries,
before gathering back together for some closing thoughts and prayers. The
feedback, as always, was fantastic.

These annual Leavers Services are part of a partnership ‘Prayer Project’ in it’s
third year, between Prayer Spaces in Schools and the Diocese of Durham. The
project has focused on equipping and encouraging local churches in prayer and
mission, and has resulted in at least 120 prayer spaces in schools, a Prayer
Conference, 24-7 Prayer events, various training and coaching opportunities, and
support for the global Thy Kingdom Come events.

To find out more about the Diocese of Durham’s ‘Prayer Project’, visit the
Facebook group .


Posted on 22nd June 2018

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