'I asked my daughter to tell me her worries and she said 'I haven't got any mummy, I let them go on the bus'Parent (England)

The LOVE is so evident and the children have gained so much from being here

It made me happy and calm and it made me think about Jesus and God” said a Year 2 pupil after experiencing The Link Easter Prayer Space. “The LOVE is so evident and the children have gained so much from being here” commented a teacher.

The Link – linking the school, church, community, God and the individual together – had been created especially for the children of Acle Primary School by volunteers from the Church. Over two days around 185 children and several school staff visited the Church to take part in the activities.

The Church was transformed with: a prayer dome, the road to Jerusalem, a table set for the last supper, the garden of Gethsemane, a wooden cross and an empty tomb. The scent of fresh flowers and perfumes filled the air, calming music played, gentle nature videos played on the screen and colourful fairy lights added to the atmosphere.

Each activity was led by a prayer guide from the Church who outlined an aspect of the Easter story and encouraged the children to respond in multi-sensory ways. In the garden of gethsemane children wrote their worries on a lollipop stick and planted them in a tray, along with a sunflower seed. They took these away in the hope that as the flower grew, their worries would recede. A costumed guide explained her reaction when she discovered the empty tomb on Easter morning and encouraged the children to write their hopes and dreams on flowers; the petals were folded in, floated on water and the children watched as the flowers unfolded and ‘blossomed’.

Sara Edwards, who led the prayer space on behalf of the Church said it had been a wonderful experience, for the prayer guides as well as the children and staff. “At one of the prayer activities we discussed with the children how a blessing was something both given and received. We have been blessed to see the children engage so thoughtfully in the activities, write their own spontaneous prayers and discuss their views and responses so widely and deeply.”

The Prayer Space concluded on Palm Sunday, when the Church congregation were invited to view the prayer activities and make their own responses as part of their worship.

Here’s some comments from the prayer space.

“My dad is my hero because he went into the army for 9 years and I didn’t get to see him much”

“My friend is my hero because I was crying and she cheered me up”

“My mum because if I am hurt or upset she’ll help me”

“I enjoyed making a friend out of pipecleaners!”

“I liked being in the corner where we learned about sorry”

“I really enjoyed coming and my favourite part was seeing the flowers open as it showed that our dreams can come true even if it takes a long time”

“We learned about compassion, thankfulness, forgiveness, friendship and family. It looked beautiful and calming.”

“A wonderful experience for both children and adults – moments of peace in a hectic day. The LOVE is so evident and the children have gained so much from being here.”

“Lovely activities, very engaging and very easy for children to understand and they all enjoyed it a lot.”

“We are so grateful for the wider church communities in Acle and for the efforts put in here, helping children reflect on the events of Easter” - Headteacher

“So many children said to me how much they loved the activities and teachers said they enjoyed it so much they didn’t want to go back to school!” - Teacher, by email

Sara Edwards. Prayer space host.


Posted on 4th May 2018

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