‘When our teacher told us we were going to church, I didn’t want to come, but I didn’t realize how much fun this was going to be!’Student (Wales)

Our Pop-Up prayer space enabled students to stop, think and pray safely, creatively & interactively

Kilvington Grammar School, is an Early Learning Centre to year 12 school in Melbourne Australia and they recently held their first pop-up prayer space which quickly became known as PUPS (pop-up prayer space) and was very well received by staff and students alike.

Christina tells us more. “We offered the Pop-Up prayer space, during our last week of term one, which we also call our Heart and Soul week, and used an empty year five classroom. (They were on school camp!) We set up the prayer space over four days and set up different interactive activities to help our students experience a beautiful space of reflection and stillness.

Some of the activities we used were:

Bubble Prayers which students found very calming and relaxing.

Praying in colour: We had a large roll of black chalkboard paper and some brightly coloured paint pens. Students were invited to write on the paper and think about things that are weighing on their hearts and minds. Some used the board to be mindful and wrote words in beautiful typography.

Prayer Wall: In Jerusalem there is a wall called a wailing wall where people have posted their

thoughts and prayers to God for nearly 2,000 years. Students were encouraged to write down and post on the wall their thoughts, reflections or prayers.

Trap your worries in a box: This activity gave students an opportunity to write their thoughts down that were worrying them. Students shared their deepest thoughts and prayers.

Thankful Playdough: students were encouraged to think about something they were thankful for while they created it out of playdough. There was lots of miniature food made at this activity.

Our Pop Up prayer space enabled children and young people to stop, think and pray in a safe, creative and interactive way. People from all religious backgrounds and none felt welcome. It was a place for mediation, deep thinking and nurturing the spirit. Students were invited to participate during lunchtime as well as during scheduled class-times. Staff also came and visited during the week. We look forward to making this an annual event at Kilvington.”

Christina Douglas, Religious Education Teacher, Kilvington Grammar School


Posted on 23rd April 2018

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