'I think the greatest impression was made on the staff, a few of whom had been skeptical or uncomfortable with the idea of prayer spaces. These teachers visibly thawed as they went round the activities with the children and in their feedback one teacher suggested they should include more about prayer on the curriculum.'Volunteer (England)

'This year marks our 4th annual Prayer Space at Cayman Prep Primary School.'

This year marks our 4th annual Prayer Space at Cayman Prep Primary School. Students were given the opportunity to openly engage in a “Creation” themed space set up in our Library. This 10-day period leading up to Easter allowed students the opportunity to interact and pray with God in a peaceful, intimate setting.

Activities in our prayer space included opportunities to write prayers of thanksgiving & praise, whilst also expressing concerns and fears. Time was also made to pray, write on a mirror a reminder of how He sees us, and to pray for those around the world.

Earlier this year, we unfortunately had a high school student be diagnosed with advanced stages of lymphoma. As a result, our prayer space also held a special place for students to write prayers specifically for this student, his family, and the trials to come. As always, we are humbled by the responses from our students, their tenderness and kindness, and ultimately their desire to learn and want to know more about who God is. 

'The Prayer Space was a delightful experience to have at CPHS.' Year 6 student.

'Every year, it is fun and relaxing to spend some time in this special place with God.'

'The activities in the prayer room are peaceful and enjoyable.' 

'I love how quiet it is. It’s so nice to have a place to relax and pray to God about my family that lives far away.' Year 2 student

'This place is awesome!'

Shane Blake, School Counsellor at Cayman Prep


Posted on 19th April 2018

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