"The Reflection Room fills a much needed gap in finding space and time for spirituality, in school both within the curriculum and beyond it. Students and teachers readily embraced the project which was discreetly staffed by trained Diocesan leaders. Students have requested reflection rooms be annual event. I can endorse the experience for all types of schools whether they be faith or secular schools wholeheartedly."Dave Millne (Deputy Head teacher, Aspatria)

This prayer time has changed everything. - A story from Romania

6 months ago we connected with Heather who’d recently downloaded some resources from our website. 6 months on she’s updated us on their prayer space in an Orphanage in Romania.

Here's Heather's update: “It has been almost 6 months since last communicating with you but I wanted to give you an update on how we have been using the prayer spaces here in Romania.

We began with a worship and prayer time with our children at the special needs orphanage every Sunday morning before going into church and it has quickly turned into our favorite time with the children each week. At the very beginning it was a bit of a challenge for the children to feel free to do the activities on their own. During the first week the prayer time lasted about 25 minutes before the children started to loose focus. By the end of the first month we were having to end our time after 45 minutes because it was time for us to leave, but the children were still going strong.

We are with the children doing therapy sessions, music classes and bible classes all week, but this prayer time has changed everything. Every time that we do prayer activities we see God move in our children in a new way, we have had children share things with us about their past, their families, their hurts, hopes, and fears, and these have been things that never came up in any other setting.

A little 11 year old boy who is just learning how to read and write for the first time spent 30 minutes working on copying bible verses one Sunday.

A 12 year old boy came in, he'd been causing issues during the worship and continued to cause disruptions during the prayer. I asked him what was causing him to feel so angry and he told me that the older boys were not being very nice to him. I was able to encourage him to go to the emotions activity and tell God what they had done and how it made him feel. Oh me of little faith, I honestly was just hoping that it would keep him busy long enough that we could get a short break from his actions. But he did go and write a long letter to God about what had happened that morning and God met him in the midst of it. Suddenly it was like there was a different child with us as he began eagerly doing other prayer activities, praying for other children, and helping out.  Every Sunday we can add another story of how our children entered the presence of God and it changed them.”

Heather McGarvey, Heart to Heart International Ministries


Posted on 26th March 2018

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