"I've never seen prayer displayed or experienced like this before. It's made me realise how many different ways prayer can be appreciated. It's opened up religion into my life again. Thank you!"Student (Year 12)

‘We’d put a picture of every member of the school community on the walls.’

"We had a very successful two day prayer space at Pevensey and Westham CE School in February.

For the pupils, it was a time to pause and think, and for the school it made an important contribution to our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) development.

We were a bit anxious when we discovered that the ‘Beast from the East’ was due to pour snow across the UK during the week we'd organised the prayer space, but the snow even held off enough for us to go ahead!

We chose 12 age-appropriate prayer activities based on the theme of 'Community' to link with the Diocese of Chichester's 'Year of Prayer' celebrations.

The children visited the prayer space in groups of 4 or 5 at a time. The youngest ones began with the "Ourselves - unique and loved by God" activity, where they had an opportunity to think about people that they love. The children were also able to do a prayer walk around the school where we’d put a picture of every member of the school community on the walls. We then encouraged them to think about what they contribute to the school community.  

Older children had the opportunity to visit St Mary’s Church, which is right next door to the school. There we hosted activities that focused on charities, on the environment, and the local area. We also set up a Lord's Prayer journey for the pupils, in which they could work their way through different phrases of the prayer - this led to some great questions and conversations.

We used prayer jigsaws and a graffiti activity to engage the pupils in the more challenging concepts of global crisis and government. Pupils also wrote letters of thanks to the emergency services and wrote hopes and prayers on plasters which were stuck onto a cross. The art work the children produced has been displayed in the school.

We are hoping to establish a more permanent space so that pupils have the opportunity to meet and pray together. We also have a fantastic outdoor space which we hope to utilise in the brighter weather."

Lesley Corke, prayer space leader.


Posted on 14th March 2018

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