"I have always prayed but Sanctum made me feel like there was more to praying then just religion. I will now pray daily."Student (Year 7)

'The Prayer Spaces vision has been bubbling away.'

Emma Thompson (our Ireland Coordinator) recently returned from maternity leave, Phil Togwell paid her a visit to see where Prayer Spaces in Schools is headed in Ireland. 

Emma writes: "After a short break I am now back from maternity leave after having a beautiful baby boy in March 2017. Whilst I love being a mum being back in the prayer spaces game for a couple of days a week has been a welcome re focusing for me. I've spent the first couple of months trying to survey the landscape and the prayer spaces vision has been bubbling away during my absence. 

I visited a space a few weeks ago which was run by a youth worker I had met before maternity leave. It was great to see how this space was a blessing to both the school and church, but more importantly for me it was a reminder that prayer spaces have a place here and there is more still to come.

It was also great to have Phil Togwell with us to catch some footage of a prayer space in Dromore and inspire us for the year ahead. This space was ran by Youth For Christ as part of a Chaplaincy week in the School, an initiative that came directly out of running a prayer space 2 years ago.

It's looking to be a busy year ahead for prayer spaces across Ireland as I’ve had more inquiries from southern Ireland than ever before and we are looking to see localised network and training  days to equip people across the north and south and to share the DNA of prayer spaces throughout the Island.

It’s great to be back I’m looking forward to what the year ahead has for us in Ireland and Northern Ireland."


Posted on 19th February 2018

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