"A prayer space gives students time for reflection in our busy curriculum. Allowing students to interact with the prayer space fills a genuine need for students to reflect on some of the big issues affecting their lives as well as considering their spiritual views on Christianity. This was a very valuable experience for the school for both staff and students."Pauline Walker (Head teacher)

What We Liked About 2017

2017 was a HUGE year for Prayer Spaces in Schools. Here's some of our favourite highlights. 

The real highlights, of course, were the hundreds of individual stories that followed every prayer space – the children and young people who left worries behind, the ones who felt more self-confident, the ones who tried praying in new ways, or even for the first time.

While those stories are definitely the highlights, here are a few encouraging stats and lists from 2017.

  • Our team and regional Networkers ran 37 training workshops, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Austria and Germany, and we also completed a hectic five-city training tour of Australia. We ran two fantastic Day Conferences in London and York, where we made new friends, we learned a lot about prayer spaces from the research project presentations, and dreamed about the future.
  • More than 2,200 people joined the Prayer Spaces in Schools website, and a whopping 22,077 resources (mostly prayer activities) were downloaded from it. We tracked and supported nearly 700 prayer spaces in schools (although there were probably a lot more).
  • In 2017 we launched a partnership with the Diocese of London, where Catherine Clayton has been giving one day each week to equip churches and schools to develop prayer spaces. We’ve also extended our partnership with the Diocese of Durham and Newcastle, where Phil Togwell continues to work with local churches and schools.
  • We completed our first significant research project into the impact of prayer spaces in schools. The final report is due in a few weeks, just after the February half term.
  • We partnered with Christian Aid to launch 6 new Justice-themed prayer activities. We also designed and released some fantastic new Prayer Space Lesson Plans.
  • Finally, WE CELEBRATED OUR 10TH BIRTHDAY! We celebrated by eating cake together at our Day Conferences, and then our team bravely tackled an Olympic Triathlon a few weeks later. Thank you SO much to everyone who sponsored us – we raised an incredible £4,734.25.

It’s been fantastic to share 2017 with you in so many different ways. Here’s to whatever 2018 has in store! Happy New Year everyone!


Posted on 10th January 2018

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