"It is as if the space has tapped into a vein of spirituality in our pupils that none of us, themselves included, knew they had. Even pupils who exhibit challenging behaviour in some lessons have been calm as soon as they walk into the space. Pupils who were already Christian seem relieved that their classmates now understand how faith helps them through their daily lives."Head of RE, Pakefield High School (Suffolk)

'A calm reflective ‘space’ that students often don’t get time for.'

“Following a year of part-time work in the Shenfield School Careers Office and some time spent considering how Christians could help young people in thinking about their future, I began to feel ideas building for creating a reflective space for secondary school students. After a lot of prayer and planning ‘LifeSpace’ was born! The idea was presented to Shenfield School and the school agreed to include it as part of their practice interview day with Year 10.

120 Year 10 students visited ‘LifeSpace’ in three groups. We had a team of Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust (BSCWT) staff and Associate Workers leading the day.

The students visited 8 ‘zones’ during a one and a half hour session and explored topics such as: Who are you as a person? What is important to you? What are your gifts, skills and passions? What direction are you going in? What is your legacy, what do others say about you? What would you like to change/leave behind? What is your big dream? How can faith feature in this area of your life?

LifeSpace provided a calm reflective ‘space’ that students often don’t get time for in school or in the fast paced world around them. The Head Teacher and several school staff members visited during the day and were pleased to see the students relaxed and having the space to explore questions of life and faith for themselves.

Head Teacher Shenfield High School “I loved it! The ambience created, as well as the reflective activities, provided an ideal opportunity for students to pause and think about their hopes, dreams and choices. LifeSpace became the antidote to frenetic activity, pressure and stress - a much needed resource for young people.”

Head of Careers & Work Related Learningl “I thought the whole event was fantastic. It was really nice to see the students slow down and reflect during such an otherwise fast-paced day. The LifeSpace session was the perfect addition to our Careers Day.”

Fiona Mason, (Administrator) Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust


Posted on 5th January 2018

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