"If you are sceptical about how a prayer space might be received at your school I would urge you to try it and see. I have been blown away by the responses of our young people to the opportunity it has given them to learn about the power of prayer first hand."Head of RE (Pakefield, Suffolk)

‘I’m speaking to God through the trees’

“We are very blessed to have a beautiful conservation area at school and for some time we had been hoping to transform it into a more spiritual area for the children to rest, learn and be in awe of God’s creation. The opportunity to combine this dream with our third annual prayer space was too good to be missed so we decided to pray for good weather and dedicate four days to praying in the beautiful outdoors!

Each of our seven classes were invited to come and join us for an hour and a group of volunteers helped on each of the seven prayer activities. We took most of our ideas from the brilliant prayer spaces website and adapted a few of them for our location e.g. our ‘Thank you Ducks’ were actually in the pond with the frogs!! The ‘Friends’ group of our school very generously donated funds enabling us to beautifully decorate the garden with wind-chimes, glass teardrops, mirrored sun-catchers and a jug based water-feature. These things have remained in the garden making it a permanent place of sanctuary which we have since used for some RE lessons.

Every child was able to experience a very special hour in the prayer garden and we only had to postpone one session due to the weather! Some of my favourite responses from the children were:

‘I’m blowing bubble prayers to my Granny in heaven’

‘My ‘new world’ rule would be that it’s illegal to lie’

‘I’m praying for my Uncle and Auntie to get back together again’

‘I’m speaking to God through the trees’

I would thoroughly recommend holding a prayer space week al fresco! The atmosphere was calm and gentle and the children were able to rest in God’s glorious creation. We had a lot more space and setting up was a lot simpler as the surroundings were already beautiful and conducive to prayer. We have also been able to leave many of the activities in place which can be used and referred to throughout the year. Just make sure that you can be flexible with the weather!”

Catherine Wallace, RE Co-ordinator, Bishops Cannings School


Posted on 15th January 2018

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