"It was nice to let go of my anger and forgive. Also to say sorry for what I had done and said to others. And to see that everyone has something special about them."Student (Year 10)

There is such a hunger from adults and children for spaces like these.

We had a great prayer space and I'd love to share some of our story.....

In the January of 2017 I was asked to become part of the school Ethos committee. As part of this role I decided to look at the prayer areas that had been set up in the classrooms. My aim was to make them more interactive for the children and make them easier for the children to access. Alongside this I set up a fortnightly lunchtime Prayer Meeting for parents and teachers. Many who came were not familiar with praying aloud so we looked to set up 'stations' that people could access and interact prayerfully in their own way. Seeing the teachers engaged in this inspired me to look for a way to do this for the children.

Some friends of mine told me about 'Prayer Spaces in schools' and through looking at your website I was inspired to put on a week prayer space for the children.

At our next Ethos committee meeting in June I put the idea to the Headteacher, Vicar and others involved. I expected to have to convince people of the idea but there was an overwhelming eagerness from everyone involved and by the end of the meeting we had agreed to hire a tent the following month and go ahead! We decided to set up activities based on our school values and used many of the activities on the website to support these.

I expected the prayer space to be a lot of work but it was actually extremely easy. We each took responsibility for a station and it all came together very smoothly. It was really fun to be part of.

The response from the children was brilliant. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very exciting to see the children engaged in reflection and prayer. Children were able to reflect on anxieties that they had and feel that they could ask God for peace and help. There were many thankfulness prayers which created a positive atmosphere. Everyone really enjoyed coming to the tent and we will definitely do it again next year. 

I would strongly encourage others thinking about putting running a prayer space to do so. There is such a hunger from adults and children for spaces like this and people really enjoyed being involved and helping. 

Susanna Sandeman, prayer space leader.


Posted on 4th December 2017

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