What pleases me most about prayer spaces is the positive way children approach it and, whether they come from families of faith or none, their desire to spend time in prayer or in quiet refection thinking about others and the everyday things precious to them.Paul Fox (St Michaels C of E Primary )

Prayer Spaces in Schools Triathlon 2017


Two weeks ago, on Saturday 18th November, our team took part in an Olympic Triathlon to raise funds for the next ten years of Prayer Spaces in Schools. Between us, we swam 1500 metres, we cycled 40 kilometres, and we ran 10 kilometres (and some of us tackled more than one part!). And WE MADE IT! There were plenty of aches and pains, but each member of the team successfully completed their part/s. 

2) WE RAISED... 

The week before the Triathlon we were blown away to discover that we'd met our original target of £3,000. People told us that we should raise the target a bit, just to give us something to stretch for, so we upped it to £4000. And it's still hard to believe, but by the end of Saturday 18th, we'd crossed that line too. £4000?! WOW!


We are incredibly thankful for all the encouraging messages, for the support on social media through the day (especially the 'likes' and 'hearts' on our Facebook Live videos!), and of course, for your donations. What can we say... except a massive THANK YOU! 


A few people have said that they still intend to donate. If you're one of those people, please note that our MyDonate webpage will close at 5pm on December 18th, so there's a little bit of time left.

Sky-diving next year perhaps? ;)


Posted on 1st December 2017

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