'Children need more opportunities like this to get out what’s going on for them on the in-side. It’s very healthy for them to have time when they are not doing or watching something on a screen.'Staff (England)

Team Triathlon - Sponsor Us?

Imagine swimming for a mile (almost). 1500 metres is 60 lengths of a regular swimming pool. 60 times, up and down and up and down… trying to remember to breathe in all the right places.

Imagine cycling from Guildford to the centre of London. Or from Manchester to Liverpool. Or the South ridge route up Mount Everest, and back again. That’s about 40 kilometres. One hundred circuits of an Olympic 400 metre running track.

And then imagine running 10 kilometres. One quarter of a marathon. 25 trips around that Olympic running track.

These three elements make up an Olympic Triathlon, and this is what our team will be tackling in just two weeks time, on Saturday 18th November… all to raise much-needed funds to grow Prayer Spaces in Schools.

We’ve reached our original £3000 target, which is amazing, and we’re incredibly grateful to all those who have sponsored us so far. But, to be honest, we need a lot more than £3000 to respond to the opportunities ahead.

Can you help us? Can you, or your church or organisation, sponsor us and help us race well past our original target?

Please visit our sponsorship webpage for more information. And please join us on Facebook and Twitter on 18th November when we’ll be live-streaming throughout the day.


Posted on 10th November 2017

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