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Brand New! 'Exploring Prayer' Lesson Packs

We've just completed a brand new series of Prayer Space Lesson Plans for KS1-4, for both RE and SMSC.

Over the last few months, Liz Ogborne has been working hard to develop a series of great Lesson Packs, to help prayer space leaders with the planning and delivery of an excellent prayer space in any school.

She's written a complete Lesson Pack with an RE focus for each of the Key Stages, and then additional SMSC-focused Lesson Packs for Key Stage 3 and 4. These Lesson Packs have been designed with the British Curriculum in mind, although the overall content will be transferable to schools in other nations.

Each Lesson Pack includes 3 downloadable resources: 

  • The full Lesson Pack document (PDF), which including all you will need to run a great prayer space lesson.
  • A separate Lesson Plan (PDF). You may want to send or give this document to leaders and/or staff in the school where you are hosting the prayer space.
  • Three versions of the Lesson slideshow (PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF).

To access the Lesson Packs please follow this link. If you've got any questions or queries then please email us


Posted on 24th October 2017

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