'I was profoundly moved by the responses of some of the students to the opportunity to reflect on their lives in a quiet and safe place. It is evident that some of these young people are struggling to make sense of their lives and the challenges they face. In this noisy world of constant media stimulation there is a great need to give young people the space and time to be quiet and still and to reflect.'Volunteer (England)

'The room started to buzz with activity.'

Our prayer space was set up our local Church of England school they've had prayer spaces in the past which many of the students remembered and had been in before.

We were given the topic of generosity to base the prayer space activities around and after reflection we extended this to include identity as well. We were able to use the school hall for the two days where each year group took turns to visit the prayer space for about an hour per class.

Different activities were set up round the room with a gazebo in the centre. Sheets were used to divide the space into smaller “rooms”, all twinkled with fairy lights. Once the prayer space was explained to the students, they were able to explore the activities.

As the children started to take part in the different activities, the room started to buzz with activity: the big question strings began filling up, pots were being made, thankfulness pictures were being drawn and pebbles were being moved from one pile to the other.

“I found our Prayer Space day really fun and enjoyable”

Some students talked with friends and teachers at certain stations, some were busy writing while others sat quietly being reflective.

One activity which was particularly popular was Character Cards: children in pairs looked through a series of words and picked some out they thought best described their friends and by the end of the session, children were able to recall these words.

The children overall enjoyed the day and the different activities with some children wanting to stay longer! One child commented, “I love the post box because you get to write a message to God”. Another added “I found our Prayer Space day really fun and enjoyable”. Others felt that this was a calm space which allowed them time to reflect. At the end of the session, the students were able to feedback to their teachers what they had learnt in the prayer space about generosity and prayer. We were able to give some of the activities back to the school such as a picture representing the hands of God as a reminder of the prayer space.

Anna Gaved, prayer space leader. 


Posted on 13th October 2017

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