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“Hi, Jesus.It’s me!”

Debbie writes this great reflection on their Easter prayer space.

"Our Easter prayer space was set up for 2 days during the last week of the Spring term 2017, with 9 different prayer activities taking over the whole of the former ICT suite area. It felt ‘set apart’ and really special as a result of being held in the only upstairs room in the school.

Each of the classes in Key Stage 2 came up, half a class at a time, for a period of 40-45 minutes. There was time to talk together briefly about prayer and generally set the scene, followed by exploring and enjoying the various prayer activities, and then finally a time of feedback.

The series of prayer activities was designed to help the students reflect on and engage with the Easter story in a fresh way. The activities encouraged them to consider Jesus’ thoughts and feelings, and to reflect on and express their own thoughts and feelings as well.

All the students appeared to engage really well with the activities, and the vast majority remained visibly very focussed and thoughtful throughout. On occasion a voice could be heard praying aloud from inside the prayer tent, including one boy being overheard entering the tent and announcing himself with “Hi, Jesus.It’s me!”  It was particularly gratifying that students who might have been expected to be somewhat uncooperative or challenging were, almost without exception, very engaged and responsive.

The students were happy to share openly their thoughts on prayer, including such observations as “God knows your thoughts even before you say them”, and “prayer is all about relationship with God”… Wow!"

Debbie Olsen, Foundation Governor


Posted on 19th March 2018

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