"Our school motto is 'Let Your Light Shine' and we strongly believe that prayer spaces enable our children to do just that. We never cease to be moved by the empathy and deep thought that our children show - sharing their hearts, wondering about the world around them and reaching out to others in their words and prayers." Deputy Head Teacher (Guildford Diocese)

Christian Aid Prayer Activities

For the last 6 months we’ve been working on some prayer activities with our friends at Christian Aid, and we’re delighted to say that they are now available!

We’ve called it the Justice Series, and includes six activities based on work that Christian Aid is involved in around the world. The aim of these particular activities is to inform and engage students around issues of poverty and injustice. Each prayer activity includes an instruction sheet for leaders, instructions for students and case studies from one of Christian Aid’s partners. For more information on Christian Aid please visit their website.

The Justice Series includes the following prayer activities;

Christian Aid Children Alone – this activity is about child refugees who have to flee their country alone, often without their parents or other adults.

Christian Aid Clean Water – this activity is about water sanitation in other countries. It invites students to consider how easy it is for us to get clean water, while it is a challenge for people in other parts of the world.

Christian Aid House Building – this activity encourages students to think about the impact of natural disasters. How would it feel to have to rebuild your home and your life after a natural disaster?

Christian Aid Peace Making – this activity encourages students to think about nations who have been torn apart by war, and about efforts to use sport to bring divided communities back together.

Christian Aid Rising Sea – this activity focuses on the effects of global warming, and in particular on rising sea levels. It invites students to consider how this is affecting communities in poorer countries.

Christian Aid Women – this activity is about the ways that women are treated differently to men in countries around the world, and how Christian Aid is working to build more equal communities.

All of these prayer activities are free to download, but please stay in touch and let us know how you use them. We’d love to see you photos and some of the feedback from students who use the activities.


Posted on 10th October 2017

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