"I have pondered about why the Prayer Space is so popular with all the different age groups, I think that the students are aware that it such a gift for them, that they are being given time to slow up and find their own space. And finally it is the God thing, we create this space and allow time for God to enter our lives."Rev'd Susan Crothers-Robertson (Chaplain, Brisbane, Australia)

In Case Of Emergency…

Back in May and June this year, in the space of just a few weeks the UK was rocked by three independent terrorist attacks, the first in Manchester and the other two in London.

A few hours after the third attack, on a Mosque in Finsbury Park, Mary Hawes, the Church of England’s National Children & Youth Adviser, emailed us;

“Having woken to yet another headline that makes us cry out, ‘Oh God, why?’, the need for safe space for prayer or reflection in schools seems more vital than ever. Are there any immediate, easy-to-set-up prayer activities that a school could use at times like this? An easy-to-set-up prayer space (in a corner, in a hall, on line for pupils to access) could be an incredible ministry.”

At the time, the answer was no, we didn’t have any prayer activities like this. But we do now!

Please click on the following direct links to the new prayer activities;

  1. Where Is The Love?
  2. Remembrance Ribbons
  3. Dove Of Peace

Thanks so much to those of you who helped with these – the best prayer activities, as always, are the ones that have been created, tried and tested in local schools just like yours. If you’ve created any new prayer activities, please let us know so that we can share them with others.


Posted on 28th July 2017

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