“We are very pleased with the prayer space in our school. It worked out real depth, and shows who we are as a school. We’re always looking for opportunities to help the students to think about the meaning of life and the prayer space helps to form their identity. It’s an important consideration that I make everyday as manager: What suits this school at this time? The prayer space fits well within the task we have in the areas of socialization, personal development and civic education of our students. The prayer space was way more than just a quiet room. Often you see that those spaces are empty and not in use. But this time it was really alive."Bas Bastiaanse, School Director (Netherlands)

UPDATE: Safeguarding and Confidentiality

One of our core values states; "Prayer spaces ensure that children and young people feel safe and are effectively protected from harm."

Prayer spaces should be safe places, and therefore those who organise and host prayer spaces should have suitable recruitment and safeguarding processes in place for all employees and volunteers.

Prayer spaces offer pupils the opportunity to be open about their thoughts and feelings in a setting that is safe and welcoming. Activities that invite a written response are usually intended to be anonymous, something that pupils often find to be very helpful:

  • A calming place where you can release your emotions and anger and share things anonymously.” Chloe
  • A place of peace where no-one judges you.” Tom

Whilst most written responses can be humorous, profound or moving there may be occasions when something raises concerns because of the pastoral or safeguarding issues that it implies.

This document sets out what we understand to be best practice in managing these pupil responses in keeping with our responsibilities towards the child and the school with regard to safeguarding and confidentiality.

You can find our new Safeguarding and Confidentiality document here.

If you've got any questions then please email us. 


Posted on 24th July 2017

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