'It gave us a window into the heartbeat of our students.'Adam Wood, Chaplain (Australia)

Researching the Impact of Prayer Spaces in Schools

For the last six months, Professor Julian Stern (York St John University) and his team have been researching the impact of prayer spaces in schools.

During that time, close to 500 students from 25 schools have completed surveys based on their experience of visiting a prayer space, and students and staff from seven of these schools have been interviewed as well.

The surveys asked questions about what the students thought and felt while they were in the prayer space, what kind of conversations they had in there (with others? with God?), how they felt they’d changed as a result of their visit, and what they felt could be improved about the prayer space itself. The responses, we expect, will be varied and fascinating.

One of the many exciting things about our Day Conferences in September is that we’re going to hear the first results of this research project together. Professor Julian Stern and Rachael Shillitoe will present their initial findings, and then we’ll have some time to discuss what they’ve said and ask questions.

Our hope is that the findings from this research project will help us to not only create better prayer spaces in schools, but to better understand the complex spiritual journeys that children and young people take.

Join us in London on Saturday 23rd September or in York on Saturday 30th September. For information and tickets, please visit our Day Conference webpage.


Posted on 11th July 2017

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