"Prayer Spaces in Schools is an innovative and well thought out way of enabling pupils to think about spirituality and some really big ideas. I love the imagination and creativity of this project."Lat Blaylock (Editor of RE Today)

Prayer Spaces in Schools Day Conferences, 2017

Join us in London and York this September to celebrate 10 years of prayer spaces in schools, plus workshops, new resources, networking, and the first presentation of our research findings.

The first handful of prayer spaces were hosted in schools during the 2007-2008 academic year, and the first of this handful (as far as we know, although the idea may not be new) was in September 2007.

Since then, more than 2500 prayer spaces have been hosted in primary and secondary schools, church schools and state schools, and all over the world too… in Germany and Jamaica, in Austria and Australia, in Scotland and South Africa (to name but a few), and in every county in England. In Oxfordshire alone, more than 25% of the schools have now hosted prayer spaces.

We’ll be celebrating the last ten years of prayer spaces in schools, and looking to what may be ahead, at our Day Conferences in LONDON and YORK this September, and we’d love you to come join us.

We’d love you to join us because this is your story-so-far too. This is a celebration of something that belongs to you as much as anyone. Many of you have hosted or helped out with prayer spaces in local schools. You’ve shared stories, and we’ve posted them onto this website to encourage others. You’ve created new prayer activities, and some of them are now available in our library. For example, I remember when Matt Rushby sent us the Empty Chair prayer activity that he created to help students in one of his schools process their grief after a friend’s sudden death. Since sharing it in our library, the Empty Chair prayer activity has been downloaded 212 times, and used by many hundreds of students in other local schools. So, this is Matt’s story-so-far. And it’s also yours.

We’d love for you to join us if you’re just getting started with prayer spaces too. We’re planning a couple of ‘How To Get Started’ workshops that will be perfect for you. And, of course, you’ll be surrounded by local church volunteers, youth and children’s workers, and school staff, who’ve all hosted or helped with prayer spaces, and who will be more than happy to share their stories and their experience. And because this kind of networking/friend-making/resource-sharing is so important, we’ve made space for it in the programme.

Whether you’ve just making plans for your first prayer space, or you’ve just completed your 10th (or your 20th!), we think that these Day Conferences will be good for you. And one of the highlights is probably going to be the first public presentation of our research project.

Since September 2016, Professor Julian Stern (Professor of Education and Religion at York St John University) has been leading a research project on our behalf into the impact of prayer spaces in schools. He, and his co-researcher, Rachael Shillitoe, will be presenting their findings for the first time, and we’ll have time to discuss these and to ask them questions.

So, will you come and join us?

We’ll be in LONDON, at St Marks Church, Battersea Rise, on Saturday 23rd September 2017, from 10.00am - 5.00pm. And then we’ll be in YORK, at York St Johns University, on Saturday 30th September 2017, again from 10.00am - 5.00pm. For more details, including the links to book your place, please visit our main Day Conference webpage.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating with you in September.


Posted on 27th July 2017

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