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A Few Things We Liked About 2016

2016 was a huge year for Prayer Spaces in Schools.

The real highlights, of course, are the hundreds of individual stories that follow every prayer space – the children and young people who leave worries behind, the ones who feel more self-confident, the ones who try praying in new ways, or even for the first time.

While those stories are definitely the highlights, here are a few encouraging stats and lists from 2016.

  1. Our team and regional Networkers ran 44 training workshops, in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Hong Kong and Australia.
  2. More than 1,500 people joined the Prayer Spaces in Schools website, and 18,000 resources (mostly prayer activities) were downloaded since we started counting (March 2016).
  3. We made some new friends in Pakistan, Jamaica, India, the Congo, Grand Cayman, Wales and the Netherlands, and most of them hosted their first prayer spaces in schools.
  4. Our Prayer Project with the Diocese of Durham was a huge success. We trained and equipped local churches and school staff who then hosted more than 40 new prayer spaces.
  5. And finally, in total, we tracked and supported more than 600 prayer spaces in schools (although there were probably a lot more) during 2016. Most of these took place in the UK, and, as the map below shows, they took place in almost every county. Amazing!


Posted on 1st February 2017

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