"Prayer Spaces in Schools is a pioneering initiative providing young people with a dynamic, non-threatening environment in which to explore the Christian faith. This is an exciting new model for religious education which is proving popular with teachers, youth workers and children."Rev Nicky Gumbel (Holy Trinity Brompton, Alpha International)

Prayer Spaces in Schools partnership with the Diocese of London

Earlier this week the Diocese of London launched their press release of the exciting partnership with us. Here's their article.

"An exciting new project for the Diocese has started this month, as part of our Capital Vision 2020 priority of strengthening links between schools and local Christian communities, sponsored by the Archdeacon of London and led by the Revd Peter Anthony. We will be working one day a week with Catherine Clayton, who is from Prayer Spaces in Schools, to see the growth of this initiative in London.

Catherine Clayton has been part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools National Team since May 2010. She is based in Oxford and leads BeSpace, a charity which equips churches in Oxfordshire to develop prayer spaces in all kinds of places.

Over the past six years there have been over 200 prayer spaces in Oxfordshire representing almost 100 schools. Catherine’s background prior to prayer spaces was as a primary school teacher. She taught for six years and in that time was an RE Coordinator as well as part of the senior leadership team with responsibility for curriculum development in her school.

Since 2007 over 2,000 prayer spaces have happened in schools across the UK. We have seen a few prayer spaces happen in schools in around the Diocese led by local Christians and there are already other churches interested in seeing this happen in their local schools. We are hoping to see a day when every child and young person in London has the opportunity to connect with God regularly. We believe prayer spaces in schools can contribute to this alongside all the other amazing work that is already going on between churches and schools.

Commenting on the new partnership, the Ven Luke Miller, Archdeacon of London, said:
Prayer spaces are an excellent way for churches and schools of all types to work together. I’m very excited about the possibilities of our partnership with Prayer Spaces in Schools. I hope and pray that it will support, resource and inspire many prayer spaces to happen throughout London in schools.”

Catherine will be available to support you to run prayer spaces in schools in your local area in a variety of ways:
- Provide support to aid you in running a prayer space, including face to face meetings and advice by email or phone
- Lead Area-wide training evenings or days
- Speak with you at staff meetings or with RE Coordinators/Heads of Department and school Senior Leadership to support them in having a full awareness of what a prayer space would like for their school.

If you would like to make some preliminary enquiries to find out more, Catherine would be very happy to come and meet with you. You can contact her direct by e:"


Posted on 24th January 2017

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