"I have always prayed but Sanctum made me feel like there was more to praying then just religion. I will now pray daily."Student (Year 7)

The First Australian Transition Prayer Space

Rev’d Gillian Moses, Rev’d Nicki Colledge and Rev’d Susan Crothers-Robertson were the school Chaplains who created the Year 6 Transition Service/Prayer Spaces at St John’s Cathedral. The attending schools were history makers because this service was the very first of its type in Australia!

During the morning students from five different Anglican schools which included St John’s Anglican College, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, Cannon Hill Anglican College, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School and All Saints Anglican College, participated in Prayer Spaces which included the themes Sorry, Wow, Thank you, Please and Together. 

Below are responses from students:

Sorry stones: “I liked washing the stones, it felt like you were washing away everything you had done wrong. “

“All the stones were different shapes and sizes just like we are all different and they represented that we have all done different things.”

Thank you: “It was nice to think about those people you sometimes don’t realise what they do for you.”

“I thanked every single teacher I have had during primary school years.”

Together: “Everyone has purpose in the world, we were connected through the jigsaw, no one is left out, we are all one piece.”

“It was good to combine together with different schools to create one big puzzle.”

Please: “Made me feel relieved writing what I felt.”

Wow: “It gave me time to remember the wow moments we had done this year- for me it was the camps.”

Comments from the staff include “The children really enjoyed all the activity, especially the Sorry and Togetherness activities. Many students’ wrote the same thing for their Wow moment which was their Year 6 camp (a physically challenging camp) It was lovely for their teachers to have some discussion and feedback about their students’ Wow moment as they were quite overwhelmed when they realised how impactful it was with their students’.”

The Transition Service encouraged student to reflect and think about their time in primary school as they transition into high school.

Following on from this, Archbishop Phillip, Bishop Alison, Dean Peter, students and chaplains, led a joyous worship service of thanksgiving.

The morning provided students from Anglican Schools an opportunity of coming together, to gain a larger picture of the Anglican Church, visit the Cathedral and meet students from other Anglican Schools.

We look forward to being involved in more wonderful opportunities such as this successful and moving day.

Rev'd Susan Crothers-Robertson, College Chaplain, St John's Anglican College. 

If you're interested in finding out more about the Leavers Service and transitional prayer spaces then why not check out our Leavers Service pack. 


Posted on 1st December 2016

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