"Visiting Parc Eglos school was a privilege in itself so it was a very pleasant surprise to observe a group of pupils actively engaged in learning about prayer and faith. Schools are busy places and do not always lend themselves to times of quiet. The Prayer Space is clearly a place where children can take time to learn about themselves, each other and the role faith plays in modern life."Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives (Cornwall)

'I do recommend that schools across England should have prayer spaces'

"Crosscrake Church of England Primary School is a small village school with a total of 90 students, situated a few miles South East of Kendal, Cumbria. The school, together with support from the local church community and a local Christian schools worker (from Northern Inter Schools Christian Union) hosted its first prayer space at the start of June.

Our prayer activities were set up in the school library, and included: Be Still tent, Fizzy Forgiveness, Worry pebbles, Mirrors, Big Questions, Prayer Graffiti Wall, World Map.

All three classes spent two 40 minute sessions on two afternoons praying at the stations in small groups. In total, nine volunteers from the local church came in and supported the prayer space.

After school on the final day, the prayer space was open for the whole community to visit, and at least 10 families came and were shown around by their children. It was really special to observe children explaining the prayer activities to the adults and encouraging them to ‘Just let it go!’ at the Fizzy Forgiveness station, pointing out their graffiti prayers, or praying together at the world map.

We also had three guides from Year 6 who were able to show the prayer space to visitors from nearby schools, who were looking to set up a prayer space next term in their own schools. All the visitors commented on how enthusiastic the children were about the prayer space. We’re hoping that prayer spaces will spread in schools around this area – at least three local primary schools are now planning one for next term!

Feedback from students included:

'I really like it, it’s a great place to be peaceful and calm. I think Fizzy Forgiveness is the best because you can let your anger disintegrate – please can we have this one in school all the time?'

'I felt happy when I looked at myself in the mirror, it made me feel special. God thinks everyone is special.'

'It calms the brain and puts your body to rest!' - comment about prayer pebbles

'I think it was very fun for RE, it was better than maths!... I do recommend that schools across England should have prayer spaces.'

'I einjod the prayer space bcoss we can xcssplo the spirchull sid of getting rid of angr. All the bad fing I hav do they ar all gon now fanq.'"

Sarah Hulme, Church & Schools Officer, Diocese of Carlisle


Posted on 15th August 2014

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