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"Prayer Spaces in Schools is an innovative and well thought out way of enabling pupils to think about spirituality and some really big ideas. I love the imagination and creativity of this project."Lat Blaylock (Editor of RE Today)



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  • Journey

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's Age Group: 16+

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Life is like a long journey. We go through different seasons and stages, and some are more enjoyable than others. Sometimes we like the place that we are in, and sometimes we wish we were further on or further back.

Images can help us to identify our feelings. This prayer activity uses a selection of images to enable students to reflect on how they feel about their lives, in the present moment. 

This activity works best with a wide range of images, e.g. happy faces, desolate landscapes, sad cartoon characters, lonely people. Abstract images are good too, pictures of mazes, crossroads, signposts, etc. 

Students are invited to look at the images and then write on the back of a copy of an image that they identify with in some way.

Our feelings change as our circumstances change. And as we travel the journey of life, we change too. Enabling students to think about their life journey and how they respond and feel to their circumstances is a key aspect of supporting student's personal development. 

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