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"I have not experienced anything like the effect of this project before in my career - it was a privilege to work with all those involved and a deeply humbling experience."Sara Young (Head of RS & PSHCE, Surrey)

Lifeboat Prayers


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  • Lifeboat Prayers

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 7 - 11's Age Group: 12 - 16's Age Group: 16+

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During 2015, many thousands of refugees risked their lives (and many others lost their lives) as they sailed across the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. People do desperate things when their lives are in unimaginable danger.

This activity encourages students to think about refugees who are leaving their homes and precious possessions behind in order to escape danger. It encourages them to think about themselves, to reflect on their own homes and possessions and opportunities, and to imagine what it would feel like to lose almost everything.

This activity works best with a team member to 'supervise' the students who get in and out of the lifeboat.

You may also like to use this video from AJ+, in which a 7-year old Syrian girl talks about her journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

To get started, please download the PDF on the right.

This prayer activity was developed by Simon Fenn from Sheringham in Norfolk. Simon's MP asked if he could send the student's luggage-tag prayers onto the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a petition for further Government action to help refugees.