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"The feedback from the staff was brilliant and lots of the children have said how much they enjoyed having time to reflect on different things. You and your volunteers were wonderful with the children and I really feel they got so much out of it. “Teacher (Chacombe Primary)

Rugby World Cup Series


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  • Rugby World Cup Series

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In 2015, England and Wales hosted the Rugby World Cup.

Sporting events like this provide opportunities for local churches to serve their communities by hosting themed events and activities. Engage2015 was set up as a "cross denominational campaign set up to help churches serve the rugby community during the World Cup". (Please do look at their website for lots of other ways that your church can serve your local community.)

Joe Knight and his team in Gloucester were asked to set up a prayer space in a school based around the Rugby World Cup theme, and so they gathered some existing activities and created some new ones too around the theme of The Game Of Life.

If you'd like to host a rugby-themed prayer space, or you'd just like some more prayer activities to adopt or adapt for your prayer spaces, please download the PDF on the right.