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"It was nice to let go of my anger and forgive. Also to say sorry for what I had done and said to others. And to see that everyone has something special about them."Student (Year 10)

The Cage


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  • The Cage

Category: Prayer Activities Age Group: 12 - 16's Age Group: 16+

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Sometimes we feel trapped by our circumstances, or by our feelings.

This activity encourages students to think about the things which make it difficult for them to be themselves, to be the person that they’re meant to be. Sometimes it’s things on the outside (external) that make life difficult, like other people or our circumstances. Sometimes it’s things on the inside (internal) that make life difficult, like fears and low self-esteem.

If they want to, students can crawl inside The Cage (a simple shape made out of garden wire, with all the sharp edges removed) and then peg their responses onto the inside walls. Sometimes it is best to suspend The Cage from the ceiling, so that it doesn’t buckle and bend as more prayers are pegged onto the wire (or as it is leant on!).

This prayer activity works best in a corner, and with a team member nearby to listen if the student ants to talk about what they've written, and to protect the student from being interrupted by other students.

To get started, please download the PDF on the right.